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Forbidden Love - Root Road
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By Your Side - ROOT ROAD
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Always a Hit with Our Events

“Amazing harmonies, music with soul and a message, diverse instruments from harmonica to accordion mixed in for effect, enjoyable for all ages! Always a hit with our FISH listeners at festivals and events.”

— Jeff Fellers, 94FM The FISH/ CCM Magazine, Event Coordinator


Their Music is Refreshing!

“I like Root Road’s music, it’s refreshing! They have the look, the sound, the talent, the Spirit and the material.”

— Dr. Bobby Jones - Bobby Jones Gospel Presents Television Show


Root Road was a total joy to have play our event.

"We have been fellowshipping and worshipping with Root Road for the past two years.  We had the pleasure of meeting them at worship and praise experience called Worship Without Walls in Murfreesboro, TN. We were blown away by their sincerity, originality, and many gifts and talents.  Root Road was a total joy to have play our event. They were quick and very responsive to all communications, were early, prepared and punctual, and had a positive attitude as well as a professional sound. Their family harmonies were beautiful and their style of music is easy to listen to for any audience. They also have a wonderful sense of humor which showed in how they interact with each other and the audience. They were genuine in conveying the message of the love of Jesus Christ.  From their cover tunes to their original music, Root Road had our congregation / audience on their feet and hanging on every word they sang. It is my pleasure and honor to recommend this group to any church or for any event. They are definitely letting the light of Jesus shine through them.  We are blessed and looking forward to sharing many more opportunities to worship with Root Road in the future. God bless!”

— Lisa Woodard, Worship Leader - Word Of Life Church - Nashville, TN


We Would Recommend Them to Any Church!

“Root Road just recently performed at our church and we are really excited about their ministry. We would recommend them to any church or organization that is looking for a group that comes with passion and integrity. These guys really love the Lord and it shows in their music.”

— Eric Hines, Founder - Spring2Life Addiction Recovery Ministries - Murfreesboro, TN


Positively Impacted Woman of All Ages

“Recently we were blessed to have Root Road perform at a Salvation Army Women's' Camp in Kentucky. While John, Nathanael, and Anthony Gilkes were there to "perform," it was much more than a performance, it was a powerful and effective Spirit lead ministry. The age range of women at this event was 16 - 91 and the ministry of these young men reached each of them. Their music was excellent quality and very enjoyable. Their testimonies were real and sincere. Their interpersonal skills in connecting with the women at the conclusion of the evening were genuine and wonderful to witness. We look forward to future opportunities to include them in our planning.”

— Major Jan Harwell, Divisional Secretary for Women Ministries


[...] one of the next amazing group of our times

“Root Road is undeniably one of the next amazing group of our times. The talent the entire band encompasses is unbelievable. We have coined them "The Beatles" because when you see and hear them you only see music in its ultimate form... Glorifying the name of Jesus is the sweetest part of this "Melodic Cake". You should try the ingredients God has blessed us with in the music of Root Road.”

- Loretta Constant - Race Director of Believers Faith Fellowship Church - Murfreesboro, TN

I just call it fun!

"Having heard Root Road on several occasions, I couldn't wait to introduce them to our Karitos attendees in July. They made their debut kicking off a Thursday afternoon Gala. The people loved their amazing vocal harmonies done acapella style. Later that evening they were featured in our Late Night Coffeehouse, this time with a set that was perfect for the hour, a time that most of our people would normally have been in bed. I've seen their music described as pop, rock & soul, I just call it fun!


The guys were on main stage Saturday night, this time with a more worshipful set perfect for our closing commissioning service. During the day on Friday and Saturday they also taught several excellent workshops as part of our Music Department faculty. I'm definitely looking forward to having John, Anthony and Nathaneal back for Karitos.


I highly recommend Root Road to you. Their musical ability, versatility, spiritual maturity and humble hearts make them the perfect fit for just about any activity you might be planning."

- Rev. Bob Hay - President of Karitos Christian Arts Association - Rolling Meadows, IL


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This band of two brothers hailing from Lorain, Ohio have been playing together for about 18 years. For 10 of those 18 years they have been continuing to develop their good time sound and electric energy in Tennessee, playing music festivals, community events, coffeehouses, restaurants, television programs and church services. The brothers John and Nathanael Gilkes are constantly tapping into their musical roots of 60's and 70's rock, classic blues, Christian rock, Indie pop, and Motown soul to create their own unique musical love letter which is the sound of Root Road. The band's mission is to promote the power of God's love and the importance of community through the music they create.
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